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Business Meeting


Our ASB Health-Check is an in depth examination of how ASB services can be best delivered within your organisation. Through interactive sessions, our ASB specialist will focus on the key areas that are required to manage ASB effectively. We'll play particular attention to Policy and Procedure, Regulatory compliance, Legal compliance, ASB Strategy, Effective Case Management, Case Management IT systems, Partnership Working, Community Engagement and lots more. As part of the review, your organisation will receive a detailed report, analysis and recommendations to continuously improve.

Business Meeting throught the Window


Safeguarding is not just a legal responsibility - it's a moral one too. Our specialist will act as a critical friend using a combination of focus groups, meetings, desktop reviews and case reviews, drawing from information around how Safeguarding is undertaken and highlighting development areas.

City Business Meeting


Sometimes, a fresh pair of eyes can pay dividends. Our case review service is a cost effective way of getting external advice which can be really helpful in seeking a successful outcome, or indeed a robust conclusion from a neutral perspective.

Two Men at a Meeting


We provide a variety of policy and procedure reviews as well as creating new policies and procedures. We have our finger on the pulse when it comes to the latest regulatory requirements, legal obligations and best practice in housing management policies and procedures. We are very much focused on providing practical policies which help professionals be their best at solving problems and changing lives.

Planning Meeting


The Regulator of Social Housing has laid out its plans for new consumer regulation. They have made it clear that housing providers should not wait for legislation to prepare for the new proposed regulations. Our consumer regulation health check will provide your organisation with a practical understanding of how prepared you are for the new regulatory regime.

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